Flute case

Our company takes great pride in presenting our unique Flute case design.


The case is designed for two flutes H or C model of flute and as well as the piccolo flute.

This specially customized moulded design with extra padding will protect the individual pieces of your flute of choice.


Mobility was a key consideration in its design. Integrated shoulder straps make the case easy and
comfortable to wear during transportation.

A combination of foams are used in the design.

Along the length of the flute and closest to it, harder foam
provides a solid structure to limit movement of the flute in the case.

In addition to this, a softer foam fills the
surrounding moulded structure to protect the flute against sudden and hard impacts.
Provision has been made for the cleaner stick to be stowed below the flute.

Standardly delivered with a comfortable shoulder straps, so it´s usable as a back-pack.