Terms and conditions


Concerto Carbon Cases Warranty

Each case is warranted for 1 year against defects in parts and workmanship. During this period, CCcases may repair, replace or provide monetary compensation as a remedy for problems with warranted products depending upon each individual situation. In no instance will Concerto Carbon Cases (below only CCcases) substitute a refurbished case for a new case without notifying the customer.

CCcases will pay associated shipping and handling and insurance charges for valid warranty claims. At our discretion, CCcases will pay authorized dealers to accomplish warrantee repairs or part replacements. CCcases requires that customers register new products within 30 days of original purchase in order to receive warranty benefits.

Warrantee claims will be administered by the dealer who sold the warranted product. Claims should be initiated by contacting your authorized CCcases Dealer. If the product was purchased directly from CCcases, the warranty claim shall be initiated via the internet by accessing through the contact form on this website and entering the information required and a description of your difficulty.
Following successful submission of the warranty claim, the customer will be contacted by the dealer or a CCcases representative as soon as possible to help you resolve the issue. Customers must request and receive a warranty claim number from CCcases Case before receiving any warranty benefit. At this time CCcases will provide customer with instructions for shipping which will be paid for by the company.

All warranty claims require the following information: Product S/N, Proof of Original Purchase original export/import documentation, warranty registration number and customer contact information. Failure to provide this information may impair satisfaction of the claim or additional charges to the customer.

Exceptions to Warranty:

CCcases does not accept responsibility for guitar cases produced by companies other than World Liberty (Czech Republic). CCcases is not liable for damage attributable to misuse or alteration, accident or mishandling during use, travel or shipment. CCcases’s entire liability for any defective Product shall in no event exceed the original price for the defective Product. CCcases in no way warrants insures or guarantees the customer against loss to content carried in CCcases. CCcases provides excellent instrument protection but customers with extremely valuable instruments should insure the instrument s against damage or loss. CCcases’s warranty may be transferred. Warrantee transfer requires that the new owner go to CCcases’s website contact page, enter S/N of case , Name and contact information. The warranty period is limited to 12 consecutive months beginning the day of customer receipt of the case. These product benefits do not apply to CCcases sold as factory seconds, refurbished units or by individuals or unauthorized dealers.

Shipping Charges

When Shipping other than Czech Republic, we deliver to the freight company of your choice. You will have to prepay the shipping charges.

Molded Finish Quality

CCcases builds the world’s most attractive hand built and finished flight cases. CCcases shells are infusion molded. This process sometimes results in very minor cosmetic irregularities which do not affect the structural integrity of the case. Folllowing shell production, eash shell is hand sanded and polished to eliminate finish irregularities to the extent possible. Because each case is built by hand, each case will be unique.


According your modificiation, up to 30 days.

” 10 days trial policy “

If you are not completely satisfied with your new case, you may return it within 10 days ( insured shipping back will be your responsibility ) . As soon as we receive returned item in undamaged and Like New condition – we will issue a full refund. ( less shipping) .