New Superior finish and perfect new accessories!

Along with improved carbon layer structure we accomplished lighter yet extremely durable , flawless unique finish, new logo under the finish and new superior leather handle with a “signature” of CCC. Entirely “clean” and 100% perfect structure of carbon layer!
With these details we fine tuned the case to perfection!


We offer any color according RAL colors palette. You can choose whatever you like!!


Your Cccases team!


New Testimonial - Michael Erni

Increadibly beautiful ! The case is lightweight and therefore very easy to travel with while it’s providing a great protection for my guitar. I am absolutely thrilled by this case ! Congratulations CCcases! “

Mr. Michael Erni – Switzerland’s top guitar soloist, composer, professor & recording artist.   

New Testimonial - Petra Polackova

“CCCase is comfortable to carry, very lightweight, sturdy and provides my instrument with highest possible protection against impact and temperature variations. By my opinion, CCCases became due to their pricing and quality the top choice in professional classical guitar cases”

Mrs. Petra Polackova – Successful czech concert guitarist

New Testimonial - Martin Myslivecek

Martin Mysliveček is a new owner of Concerto Carbon case. He’s a professor for guitar at the University of Music and the performing Arts in Graz.

Since 2004 he also has a guitar class at the Academy of Music Leoš Janáček in Brno.

Since its foundation in 1987, he is head of the International Guitar Festival in Mikulov / Czech Republic. 


New Testimonial - Pavel Steidl

“So I do have my first travelling experiences with your guitar case. Simply to say I have got feeling that the instrument is very save and it is absolutely comfortable to carry my guitar everywhere. Two most important things for travelling guitarist. Really ,thank you so much ! I will recommend it to everybody. Love, Pavel Steidl”


Pavel Steidl – world famous and successfull guitarist! On demand of Italian Guitar Magazine Guitart the readers decided to choose him as a guitar player of the year 2004.

Some of our new concerto cases owners

Here are some of the most recent CC cases owners, many of whom are well known and respected professional guitarists.

Stepan Rak is highly recognized world class virtuoso, composer, professor at the Prague Academy of Performing Arts

Petr Saidl is one of the most popular Czech guitarists and educators and is a member of the world famous Guitar Quartet 4mation. Since 2006 he is Director of the International Music Biennale with master classes in Kutna Hora

Martin Krajčo worked as a soloist with leading Slovak and foreign orchestras and is a member of the Quartet Bratislava

Anna Slezáková is world famous and successful guitar player from Switzerland. She was a member of Trio Nete and proprietress a Swiss Scholarships ” Stiftung Dr. Robert und Lina Thyll – Dürr.” She chose a ladies model of CCcases.

Marcos Zúñiga is a musician – author with his own songs. He developed performance “guitar and singing”, linking classical art and singing . He also sings at various international stages.


Black and new ivory color!

For those who don’t like a visible carbon we offer a new color options! 
CCCases introduce a new color variation, there’s a high gloss finish case in ivory color. 
The possibility of ordering in any other color.


CCCases introduced a new color options

CCCases introduced a new color combinations of velvet padding and leather accesories in Silesian Guitar Autumn Tychy 2014, in Poland.



The resistance of hardness of CCCases

After a long time of product development, testing, improving, coutless hours spend by team of people all over Europe as well as in United States – we are finally ready to present the resistance of hardness of our Concerto Carbon Case ! It was tested on 307 kg!